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NBT EVO ID5/ID6 Navigation Retrofit


The kit includes:

  • NBT Evo head unit with ID5/ID6* software
  • High Definition 8,8" screen
  • iDrive Touch controller
  • All other parts required to perform this retrofit based on your car specification
  • Full retrofit coding
  • Full FSC retrofit activation including Navigation, Voice Control, BMW Apps and CarPlay
  • Latest maps for your region
  • DVD/Video-in-motion activation

This retrofit does not use or require any aftermarket emulators. The activation is 100% software based.
If your BMW does not have Bluetooth or USB this retrofit kit will add these options to your car.
The NBT head unit, screen and iDrive Touch controller are slightly used, but in a very good condition. All other parts included in the kit are brand new.

*We can provide either the ID5 or ID6 interface. Please specify which you would like during purchase.

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