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Front View Camera Retrofit

  • Front View Camera Retrofit 2
  • Front View Camera Retrofit 2


Visibility isn’t just about what’s behind you. Whether you are parking or driving, total security also means avoiding hard-to-see objects in front of your vehicle. Even minor collisions cost time and money and can also inflict serious damage on your BMW. The wide-angle, high-quality lens provides a detailed and full-color image and corrects perspective – even at night when visibility decreases. With the front view camera, you’ll never have to worry about what’s ahead!

The camera requires no coding and mounts in the mesh grill. Once the device is installed, you will need to hold down a button on the iDrive Controller, steering wheel, or radio face plate (the button location varies by BMW model) to see the view from front camera on your iDrive display.

BimmerTech’s front view camera can be used alone or in tandem with the Rear View Camera Retrofit. In fact, if you already have the Rear View Camera Retrofit, all you’ll need is another camera unit. BMW owners who don’t have our Rear View Camera Retrofit will need to purchase the Front View Camera Retrofit with the Multimedia Interface.

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