Comfort Access Kit


Comfort Access means you'll never have to think about unlocking your BMW's doors again. Now you can get in your car, drive to your destination and lock the doors as you leave without ever touching the key.

Whatever you do in your BMW, Comfort Access gives you a level of convenience you'll wonder how you ever did without.

A remote sensor recognizes your key at a range of up to 5ft, even if it's in your pocket or bag. Then it's enough for you to touch the door handle, and your car will unlock automatically.

When you get out of your car, locking the doors is as simple as touching the handle.

All Comfort Access kits include an additional antenna for the trunk, meaning you will also be able to access your trunk without handling your key.


BimmerTech's Comfort Access system lets you customize how you want your car's doors to look and function:

  • Handles feature a chrome trim insert and are professionally painted in any available BMW color, to perfectly match your vehicle. Please note that the paint on older vehicles may have faded slightly. In this case, the color of the handles may initially differ from your vehicle. This difference will reduce with time.

  • Buy as many Comfort Access handles as you need; one handle is included in the standard kit, and up to three additional handles for the remaining doors can easily be added.

  • The kit uses the door unlock settings found in the iDrive menu. Touching the handle can be set either to unlock all doors automatically, or to unlock only the driver’s door on the first touch.

  • In compatible models, the system can optionally be set to automatically close the windows and sunroof and fold in the mirrors when locking your BMW’s doors.

  • Handles for the F10 can be fitted with LED handle illumination in vehicles with this feature as standard.


The kit includes everything you need to set up Comfort Access on 1–4 doors, and an antenna to allow unlocking your trunk without handling your key.

Installation is simple, and requires no coding or programming. All parts are designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle for a clean factory look.