BimmerTech SmartView HD Flex


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SmartView HD Flex was designed to be versatile. Bring exactly what you want onto your BMW’s iDrive screen, from all your mobile devices, with smooth wireless mirroring at up to Full HD[1].

SmartView HD Flex lets you mirror the display of smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, Windows 8.1/10, Ubuntu Touch[2], or other operating systems offering AirPlay/Miracast support. It’s the easiest way to get all your favorite apps[3] onto your dash, whatever device you use.

Find your way home with Google Maps or Waze. Show off the pictures you took at the game last week. Let your kids play Angry Birds. Whatever you want to do on your car’s dashboard display, SmartView HD Flex makes it happen.

In-built AirPlay and Miracast receivers mean you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues next time your friends come for a ride. They can set up a wireless mirroring connection the minute they get in your car, using the AirPlay/Miracast support offered as standard in many devices.

You can even mirror your MacBook, or a laptop running Windows 8.1/10 or Linux[2]. Start doing something at your kitchen table, then bring it straight onto the iDrive screen when it’s time to go. SmartView HD Flex is the ultimate continuity solution for your car. Perfect for productivity or entertainment.

Who is it for?

SmartView HD Flex is designed for anybody who wants to get more out of their iDrive, without worrying about compatibility. Almost all modern smartphones, and many other devices, support wireless mirroring.

The included interface comes with one additional HDMI input[4], making it perfect for modders looking for even more expansionability. You can build any device with an HDMI output into your car, and toggle between inputs with the factory iDrive controller. Let your imagination run wild!

What do I need?

To take advantage of wireless mirroring, you only need a device supporting either the AirPlay or Miracast protocols. Please confirm compatibility with the device manufacturer.

SmartView HD Flex can be fitted in any BMW with an iDrive display.

How does it work?

SmartView HD Flex uses AirPlay for Apple devices, and Miracast for other devices.

The receiver has Wi-Fi Direct baked in, to produce its own Wi-Fi network for you to connect your mobile device to. You don't need any additional hardware. Just connect to your SmartView's network via Wi-Fi and start mirroring your display immediately. Consult your device documentation for more information on how to establish an AirPlay/Miracast connection.

The HDMI output from SmartView HD Flex means you'll always get great picture and sound quality.

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[1]Screen resolution depends on your iDrive display and the device being mirrored. SmartView HD Flex supports up to 1920×1080 with suitable hardware.
[2]Not all devices running compatible operating systems offer AirPlay/Miracast support. Check with the device manufacturer. Third-party software may be required in some cases.
[3]Some content may be blocked due to the copyright-holder's DRM. Please confirm the app or content you wish to use can be streamed over AirPlay/Miracast.
[4]Please note that this feature is not available for E-Series BMWs or F01/F02/F07/F10/F11/F25 vehicles with CIC iDrive. These vehicles will receive a non-HDMI version of SmartView HD Flex.